We are looking for investors!

BusinessPlanWhen Stolen Couch Games started out we wanted to create great accessible mobile games. Since then we released three games. Kids vs Goblins got great reviews and Ichi was downloaded over 600.000 times. But we wanted Stolen Couch Games to become more than just another indie developer. We had to change our ways in order to compete with the best. We thought hard, consulted experts, prototyped a lot and finally we figured out what we had to do. We are going to create the next generation of multi platform casual games! Together with industry veterans like Christian Batist (Habbo Hotel) and JP van Seventer (W!games) we now have a great business up and running.

Free to play games, like farmville, generates the most revenue of all apps on mobile platforms. Popular free to play games earn more than $500.000 a day. But there is a huge audience not yet served by these games.

Free to play games are mostly point and click games with basic graphics and well designed money sinks to entice players to spend a lot of money. But these types of games are losing a lot of their appeal. A huge audience wants deeper gameplay and a more sophisticated game world in which to play.

We will develop games upon a framework of our own design to gather to these players. This scalable framework will allow us to quickly develop free to play games unlike any in today’s market. Our games are unique as they combine great gameplay, story driven content and great 3D graphics.

Castaway Paradise will be the first game we will launch with our framework; a game for teenagers and up in which you get to experience life on a tropical island. You can befriend quirky villagers, catch butterflies, collect bugs, fish, farm, decorate your house and more.

We have been working on our game framework since may 2012 and we are almost done with our first game Castaway Paradise. We need an investment of €200.000. We will use this money to expand our team and put an aggressive marketing plan into action.

Earlier this year we got our first investment. This deal allows us to soft launch Castaway Paradise in Canada later this year. But we need another investment to launch Castaway Paradise world wide and test our framework.

If you are interested in investing in Stolen Couch Games do not hesitate to email us: Eric at stolencouchgames.com . Or take a look at our business plan here.

Besides having a can-do indie mentality, Stolen Couch Games has the ambition ànd ability to monetize. A rare feature in such a young company. Their products excel in quality and playability and I’m sure their new title, Castaway Paradise, will make a big splash. (pun intended)

- Rik Haandrikman, Director of Business Development Gamepoint

Stolen Couch Games is a talented and focused games company with the ability to balance creativity with business savviness to reach the audience and entertain them successfully.

JP van Seventer, Dutch Game Garden