Stolen Couch Games is looking for investors

BusinessPlanWhen Stolen Couch Games started out we wanted to create great accessible mobile games. Since then we released three games. Kids vs Goblins got great reviews and Ichi was downloaded over 600.000 times. But we wanted Stolen Couch Games to become more than just another indie developer. We had to change our ways in order to compete with the best. We thought hard, consulted experts, prototyped a lot and finally we figured out what we had to do. We are going to create the next generation of multi platform casual games! Together with industry veterans like Christian Batist (Habbo Hotel) and JP van Seventer (W!games) we now have a great business up and running.

Free to play games, like farmville, generates the most revenue of all apps on mobile platforms. Popular free to play games earn more than $500.000 a day. But there is a huge audience not yet served by these games.

Free to play games are mostly point and click games with basic graphics and well designed money sinks to entice players to spend a lot of money. But these types of games are losing a lot of their appeal. A huge audience wants deeper gameplay and a more sophisticated game world in which to play.

We will develop games upon a framework of our own design to gather to these players. This scalable framework will allow us to quickly develop free to play games unlike any in today’s market. Our games are unique as they combine great gameplay, story driven content and great 3D graphics.

Castaway Paradise will be the first game we will launch with our framework; a game for teenagers and up in which you get to experience life on a tropical island. You can befriend quirky villagers, catch butterflies, collect bugs, fish, farm, decorate your house and more.

We have been working on our game framework since may 2012 and we are almost done with our first game Castaway Paradise. We need an investment of €200.000. We will use this money to expand our team and put an aggressive marketing plan into action.

Earlier this year we got our first investment. This deal allows us to soft launch Castaway Paradise in Canada later this year. But we need another investment to launch Castaway Paradise world wide and test our framework.

If you are interested in investing in Stolen Couch Games do not hesitate to email us: Eric at . Or take a look at our business plan here.


A New Cool Feature in Castaway Paradise: Lights, Camera, Action!

What do the following movies have in common: Mission: Impossible, Minority Report, and Top Gun? That’s right. Tom freaking Cruise, explosions, guns, exploding guns (probably), and they are not filmed in a game. “What?”, I hear you think. “Not filmed in a game? Pfftsj, that is the lamest thing I have ever heard.” And that is true. That is the lamest thing you have ever heard.

So, we have implemented a new feature in Castaway Paradise. It is called Everyplay. With this you now have the option to record everything you do in the game. From playing a quest to recording the cool decorations in your house. You can publish the video right-a-way to the interwebs and share it with your friends!

Take a look at this video:

This is a nice and relaxing video where the player is decorating his house. Soothing isn’t it? This is probably also the first time you have heard the music in the game. There is much more music, but we will let you hear that another time. The camera in the (almost) top left corner indicates that you are recording and pressing the camera again will stop the recording. Making a movie has never been easier!

Obviously, you cannot wait to make your own videos. Be it a tour of your island, or a remake one of the greatest movies ever made in the history of Steven Seagal: Under Siege*. However, to remake a movie, you need props and objects to fill a set. We realized this and we instantly made a set full of nautical objects and uniforms, so you can Seagal’s masterwork yourself!
Nautical Set
Dress your actor as you like and place the objects on the set. Nobody can any longer stand in your way to make your own movie. We hope you will like this feature. If you have any feedback on Everyplay, the nautical set, or the game in general, feel free to leave it in the comments. And.. Hey Tom! What is it? Aaaww, come on, please stop crying. Your movies are not that lame. Alright, alright, sorry. It’s unfair to compare you, or anyone for that matter, to the greatest actor and movie maker of all time. Steven freaking Seagal: The man who only needs one emotion.

The one true hero

*Disclaimer for all the die hard Seagal fans: the best Steven Seagal movies are obviously Exit Wounds and The Glimmer Man, but I used Under Siege for the sake of the nautical set.

In-game screenshots, llamas and freaking rucksacks

By now, you all probably have been wondering what the game looks like when you are actually playing it. You probably even want to play it! Alas! That, we cannot offer you. What we can offer you though, are some nice screenshots from the latest build of Castaway Paradise.

It has been a long time since we started developing Castaway Paradise. Ok.. not dinosaur-age kind of long, but still, since-the-discovery-of-Higgs-Boson-particle kind of long. By the way, did you know the word ‘dinosaur’ means ‘terrible lizard’? Weird, is it not? Dinosaurs are not lizards. But hey, who are we to argue with Wikipedia!
Anyway, we have been working hard on the game and of course want to keep you updated with the progress of the game.

The latest addition to the game, of which we showed the sketches in the last update, is the Town Hall. Our designers have been implementing the new building into the game and we can now show you this architectural masterpiece through the player’s eyes.

VaultIn this picture you can see the gold colored vault door. Look how shiny it is! It would probably not surprise you that this vault has been designed by Impenetrable Gold Colored Vaults Inc. It may be expensive, but hey: if it can stop Tom Cruise from entering, it is worth it, right?


marcel If you did not know of the fact about dinosaurs, you may as well not know about the following fact: llamas are amazing upsellers. Before I met Marcèl, I did not even know I liked sunglasses and now, as you can see in the screenshot, he sold me this fabulous pair of hipster sunglasses designed by a llama designer company all the way in France of which, according to Marcèl, you probably never even have heard of.

inventory The third and last screenshot shows what the inventory will look like. This particular inventory is only half full, but as you spend more time in the game and complete more quests, you will get many more items to fill your rucksack.

As you can see the game is getting into great shape. The basic mechanics of the game are as good as finished, but there is still work to be done: more quests and dialogue have to be written, objects, clothing and other cool stuff has to be designed, etcetera, etcetera. We are working hard on the game and we hope you like what we have done so far. If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments!

Ps.: We found Marcèl in real life!

The Town Hall: Tom Cruise-proof

Welcome to the town hall of Castaway Paradise. Home to not only the most secure, but also to the only bank on the island! Just look at the big vault in the back. No thief will ever be able to touch anything behind that steel door. And even if someone can get him or herself behind that door, you cannot imagine the amount of lasers protecting all the valuables; Not even Tom Cruise himself can steal something from it. Your money and gems sure will be safe here.


As you can see, the blueprint of the vault itself has not yet been published. What actually lies hidden behind the door to the vault, besides money and gems, is only known to our game designer. He takes the safety of the vault in high regard and will only say that there is a surprise waiting for the players. However, this surprise will probably not be ready when the game launches, but remember: all things comes to those who wait!TownHall_Interior_vault

Next to the vault is the bank’s counter. At the counter, the clerks help you buy new gems and store your valuables in the vault. Using the latest technology on the island, the clerks are directly connected to each other and the stock market via pneumatic tubes. This awesome tubing system not only once helped an ex-KGB officer escape in the James Bond flick The Living Daylights (link!), but also serves as a fast way of delivering messages!


These pneumatic tubes also reach the Wall Street of the island. At the stock exchange you can invest in stock and try to make a couple of gems. When you have invested your gems, you can track how your stock is doing by looking at the green lines on the rolling white paper. These lines represent the current value of your stock. The higher the better.

Outside of the town hall you can find the news bulletin board of the island which will keep you up to date. News from the villagers, update information, and many more newsworthy items will be presented on this board.

TownHallThe town hall is the heart of the island. Many quests will be found here and the bulletin board keeps you up to date with the news and upcoming events. We hope you all like the design and art of the town hall. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments!


Live like a king

Oui oui, mesdames et messieurs. Quelle heure est-il? Time for a new update of Castaway Paradise! Today I want to show you a new set of decorations, objects and clothes the player can choose to decorate his or her house with or dress themselves up. For inspiration, our designers sat down, opened up a bottle of a nice Merlot and watched classy French movies whilst eating a baguette. The result? A new awesome French set. Sacre bleu!

French Set

Tired of not getting recognized as the brilliant artist you are? At the Stuff2Buy you can buy these great French outfits so you can finally look like one. Fashion director Marcèl will be happy to help you choose a nice new artistic beret or fashionable sunglasses.

Although the French Revolution made sure that France lost its monarchy, you want your character to live like a true king. And is there any king more true than le Roi-Soleil, Louis XIV of France? We actually don’t know. But we sure liked his furniture! We tried to resemble his style in the furniture, so you can decorate your character’s house like a palace.


And of what use would a French set be without the baguette? To complete the French set, we put a French baker on the island: Gustave. This friendly moose is a master baker who provides delicious bread for the whole island. He has to wake up very early every morning, but you will never find him grumpy. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well.. besides being a master baker, Gustave follows the teachings of the zen, making him a zenmaestro. You can ask him all about that in the game and he will be happy to tell you.


In the following image you can see Gustave next to his bakery. When you visit the island please visit him. He has got great stories to tell. Also, make sure to taste his pastries, they are delicious. We hope you all like the set. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment. Au revoir!