Live like a king

Oui oui, mesdames et messieurs. Quelle heure est-il? Time for a new update of Castaway Paradise! Today I want to show you a new set of decorations, objects and clothes the player can choose to decorate his or her house with or dress themselves up. For inspiration, our designers sat down, opened up a bottle of a nice Merlot and watched classy French movies whilst eating a baguette. The result? A new awesome French set. Sacre bleu!

French Set

Tired of not getting recognized as the brilliant artist you are? At the Stuff2Buy you can buy these great French outfits so you can finally look like one. Fashion director Marcèl will be happy to help you choose a nice new artistic beret or fashionable sunglasses.

Although the French Revolution made sure that France lost its monarchy, you want your character to live like a true king. And is there any king more true than le Roi-Soleil, Louis XIV of France? We actually don’t know. But we sure liked his furniture! We tried to resemble his style in the furniture, so you can decorate your character’s house like a palace.


And of what use would a French set be without the baguette? To complete the French set, we put a French baker on the island: Gustave. This friendly moose is a master baker who provides delicious bread for the whole island. He has to wake up very early every morning, but you will never find him grumpy. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well.. besides being a master baker, Gustave follows the teachings of the zen, making him a zenmaestro. You can ask him all about that in the game and he will be happy to tell you.


In the following image you can see Gustave next to his bakery. When you visit the island please visit him. He has got great stories to tell. Also, make sure to taste his pastries, they are delicious. We hope you all like the set. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment. Au revoir!