Do you want to work on our biggest, most ambitious game to date? Now is your chance!

Stolen Couch Games is looking for interns who want to help us develop Castaway Paradise, our free to play game which we want to release late this year. Are you the person we are looking for? Find out using our Q&A.

Q: Can I be an intern at Stolen Couch Games?

A: Well, that depends. First you have to be able to be at our office in Hilversum, The Netherlands 5 days a week. You’ll also have to be seriously skilled in order to work with our awesome team.

Q: What kind of interns are you looking for?

A: We’re looking for all kinds of interns, but we will only select a few, the best. We’re looking for:

  • C# programmers with Unity experience.
  • C# programmer who wants to work on the multiplayer part of Castaway Paradise.
  • C# programmer who wants to port Castaway Paradise to WiiU, steam etc.
  • Game Designers who can create and balance quests
  • Narrative Designers/writers who can write monologues
  • Artists 2D who can create assets/textures for our game.
  • Artist 3D who can create lots of low poly models, animations etc.
  • Marketing people who can come up with localized marketing efforts to make our game super popular
  • Analytics/monetization experts who can do wonders with numbers
  • Anyone who can make Castaway Paradise a huge success!

Q: How skilled do I have to be?

A: We offer a learning environment in which interns can grow their skills within the convinces of a discipline. If you would like to learn how to program a real time multiplayer game, we’d love to help you with it. In fact we’d love you to implement that feature in Castaway Paradise. If your goals fits with the goals we have with Castaway Paradise anything is possible.

There are a number of skills an intern has to possess in order to apply:

1) Have a great portfolio

2) Be adept at your discipline (Game design, Marketing, Programming (C#), 2d/3d art, analytics)

3) Have a nice set of brains.

4) Be a teamplayer

Q: When can I start?

A: Right away! Or whenever you can start.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Just send an email to info(at) with a link to your portfolio and a great reason why you’d like to be an intern at Stolen Couch Games.


  • Nick

    So, basically you’re looking for professional artists for full-time jobs that you don’t have to pay because you label it as an ‘intern ship’. Companies like yours deserve to go bankrupt as soon as possible.

  • Eric Diepeveen

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Dave

    I don’t see it listed anywhere that it’s an unpaid internship.