Greenlight, Castaway Paradise, Ichi, Stats

A few months ago Steam launched Greenlight. A community driven approval process to get games onto the Steam store. We’ve been one of the first developers to be on Greenlight with our two games Ichi and Castaway Paradise. Besides that we created the Green Light Bundle, a bundle website where you can try out games that are on Greenlight. It gives developers a chance to show their games to the consumers, get some money and votes in the process. Today I’d like to share some info about how Ichi, Castaway Paradise and the Green Light Bundle are doing.

Let’s start with the Green Light Bundle. We have released two big bundles with 9 games each and we’re now experimenting with highlighting just a single game at a time. You can purchase each bundle as a Pay What You Want sale. The first Green Light Bundle got a decent amount of exposure from the press. We sold more than 2000 bundles worth more than $10.000 in revenue. Almost all the revenue went to the developers, of course. The second bundle sold a little bit less but the average price was a bit higher, around $5.50USD. After these two big bundle we launched two small “bundles” which just one game each. These two games, Out There Somewhere and Aeon Command, skyrocketed on the Greenlight charts despite less than expected sales.

Right now we’re working on another big bundle with great games. It might take some time since it’s increasingly difficult to find great games between the hundreds of less than stellar games on Greenlight. If you know a great game that would be perfect for our bundle do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Now on to the performance of our own games. Let’s start with Castaway Paradise. Even-though the game isn’t done we’re getting a lot of traffic on our Greenlight page. Right now we’re nearing 36.000 visitors and our little game has been favorited by almost 1.500 awesome gamers. We’re oblivious to how many upvotes we’ve gotten since Steam doesn’t disclose this information. But since we’re #81 out of hundreds of games, I think we’re doing pretty well. We’re not in the top 10 yet, so if you can spare a vote you can click on the banner below :).

Ichi on the other hand is not doing so great. The steam community is pretty hardcore and a simplistic looking puzzle game don’t mix very well. Ichi is “71% on it’s way to the top 100 games” on Greenlight. Whatever that means. With almost 20.000 visitors and over 700 favorites, Ichi is about half as popular as Castaway Paradise. Since Ichi has been downloaded almost 400.000 times and Castaway Paradise is twice as popular, I can calculate a asweomely bright future for our island simulator ;)