Island Architecture

A lot of new Castaway Paradise artwork has been made again, so it’s time to put some of that on the blog! I thought it would be good if we posted something else than schnitzels this time. Don’t be afraid though, more schnitzels will come in the future. For now, you have to settle with some new artwork! There is too much for one blog post, so this time I will focus solely on some new architectural additions to our idyllic island environment. To start with not just some house: the player house!

When you were washed ashore John Doe style, thank heavens you were not treated as some dirty piece of ship wreckage. Instead, they have this beautiful little medieval looking mansion reserved for the day some flotsam like you might be regurgitated on their beach by the mighty big ocean. They really are too kind.

As you can see in the drawing, we have made plans for improvements of your own house. You start out with a regular cottage. When you can shake the pearls (the island currency) out of your sleeves, you may consider to put some of those into making that little cottage into an awesome mansion.

Curious as to where that ape lives? Being a contractor and all, Angus likes to be mobile, so he can move his home from one building project to the next. That’s why he lives in this steam-powered trailer (above). So when you are planning to extend your home, maybe Angus is prepared to lend you a helping hand.

The shop interior
Remember the tiki shop from a while ago with the goat owner? You can now take a look inside the shop with its nice wood and bamboo interior. The available stock varies each day, so everytime you come strolling in with the sand in your beach slippers, you can gaze upon a fresh assemblee of merchandise. If you really want anything in particular, just grab the goat by the horns and tell him you want to order something. I will leave you now with this last piece of artwork.

Till the next art update!


Say hello to some new residents

Working on “The Village” almost feels like vacation (I still want a real vacation though). After all, that little village on that island with its sunny beaches and azure shores would be the perfect holiday destination. This week, we’ve got several new pieces of artwork to show you. Say hello to mr Baboon and mr Goat! The baboon guy is actually a rather intimidating character. He is both the contractor and landlord on the island.

The goat with his turban greets you when you want to buy some supplies in the island shop.

Speaking of shops, here is the design we made for the village shop. The shop is one of the few tribal elements in the game. You can see the oceanic influences in the architecture of the building with its pointy roof. The surfboards, the tiki statue and the big leafs add to the tropical feel of the building. The tribal elements on the island combined with the more familiar European influences give the island a wonderful mix of familiar and exotic, something you would expect of an island near Australia or New Zealand for example.

It’s not only the the geographical elements that blend together, the island is also a blend of multiple periods in history. The time layers reach from somewhere around the time of pirates and explorers all the way to victorian times. This also places a cap on the technology in the game, which seems to be forever stuck in the era of steam engines and the first manifestations of electric light bulbs. We wouldn’t want our beautiful island to be corrupted by diesel engines and cell phones of course! This way, anyone who plays this game can escape daily life by diving into a world in another place and time.

Speaking of another place and time, our little pirate friend (remember the weasel?) now has his own pirate shack complete with portholes, rudder, fishing nets, barrels of ginger ale (or fish, don’t know what’s inside there, could be anything), seashells and boardwalks. You are now up to date again with the artwork for the Village. Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got some more drawings to make. Next week more artwork and other stuff!